Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pretty Coffee Filter Angel Ornament or Shelf Sitter

What You Need:
3 coffee filters
3-1/2-inch foam cone, such as Styrofoam
1 round
1-inch foam ball, such as Styrofoam
12 inches of 1/4-inch-wide gold
White thread; hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks
1 gold plastic ring
1. Center one coffee filter on the top of the cone. Push the toothpick three quarters of the way into the cone and filter. Push the 1-inch ball onto the toothpick to add the head.
2. Center the second filter over the head. Tie a ribbon bow around the neck.
3. Fold the third filter in half and pleat at the center to form
wings. Tie in the center with thread. Hot-glue the center of the wings to the back of the angel at the neck. Glue the ring to the top of the head for a halom. or use a gold pipecleaner, and you can attach it in the back and make the halo lift up above the head.

These are very simple and expensive to make with children, but very beautiful. I made them 10 or more years ago, and they are still beautiful today!

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog...I had to come check out yours :o) And I'm so glad I did! What a fun craft idea. I need a good Christmas craft to do with the kids and this would be perfect!