Sunday, November 15, 2009

COMMUNICATION. . .a part of everyday life!

I have so much to share on this post that I don't know where to start. I need to be grading, (A LOT of grading) putting grades in the computer and finishing lesson plans, but I need to type out these thoughts in my head, too.
And. . .the dryer just buzzed. . .gotta go keep the laundry going, too.
And, type up a class newsletter,
go to evening church,
put new students into special ed. computer system, work on IEPs, . . .
and get to bed at a decent time, . . .
but I want to type out these thoughts in my head, and hopefully someone else will benefit from me sharing with you some things that I was reminded of last week.

First, I don't have a classroom aide, but I have 2 aides who come in my classroom with the one student that they are hired for, and 2 aides that I share with overloaded 1st and 2nd grade teachers. I am really working on my communication with them. I had an incident that had me in tears first thing Wed. morning, and then in the office with the principal and 3 of the aides. I think the one situation is better now, but. . . another one to work out.

Then, on Thursday, I went to a Special Ed. Teacher's Training, by the state department. One of the best parts, was a session that they just added on, by a parent of a grown special ed. student. This parent is on staff at the Oklahoma Parents Center that trains parents to advocate for their children and work together with the schools.
I really appreciated her reminders of family stresses, parents' needs, educators needs and Communication Buildrers.

Finally on Friday, that seemed a little more like a Monday, with a few incidents that happened with students and parents, I needed those reminders!

Family Stresses. . .
Lack of time to do what needs to be done
Keeping track of appointments
Managing the child's behavior and emotions
Financial burdens
Fear of the unknown

Communication Builders
Be a good listener.
Wait your turn to speak.
Try to understand each other's point of view.
Focus on a person's strengths rather than weakness.
Check for clarity and understanding to make sure you do not misinterpret anything being said.
Be aware of your body language.
Be open minded.
Give your full attention to others.
Speak up when you have an opinion or a question.
Focus on the present.
. . .
. . .(I missed 2 of the points. Hopefully, I will get them later, but wanted to go ahead and post.)
Pick your battles.
Always remember to thank people.

What are you learning? Leave me some "comment love". : )

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  1. If you are like me, your "mental lists" can be overwhelming...just remember to take it one day at a time, and let God take care of it all-He gives peace, sleep :), and joy in the midst of our worries and struggles...
    and this weekend has been a stressful one here...