Friday, November 13, 2009


It's Week 6 of my friend Keelie's 12 Weeks of Christmas blog party with lots of great posts and great give-aways every week. Past week's have included great craft ideas and recipes. This week's topic is SHOPPING. . .not my favorite part of the season, but some other participants have written really fun posts about the joys of shopping! I do like to do some shopping in stores with my husband, but I also am always able to find some of the best gifts by just going in the workroom at the school that I teach at. (always. . .every year. . .there is always a BOOKS ARE FUN display, no matter where I'm working. ) It's not just books. There are all kinds of really good gifts.

Books Are Fun, Ltd. is the world's leading display marketer of books and gifts. Books Are Fun is renowned for offering the world's best hardcover books, gifts, and educational products at savings of up to 80% off retail prices. Our book fairs and book displays have become known as "North America's Most Popular Employee Event," supplying innovative, premium quality products to corporations, schools, hospitals, and early learning centers throughout the United States.Books Are Fun has established a longstanding reputation for wholesome, uplifting, family oriented publications. Our formula is simple. We buy huge volumes of the world's best books and gifts directly from top publishers and manufacturers, and sell those products at deep discounts directly to end users through innovative display marketing events. We take it one step further by donating a percentage of the proceeds in books or cash to the sponsoring school or to a designated charity.
If a BOOKS ARE FUN salesman does not come to your place of employment, you can go to
If you didn't come here from Keelie's Red Writing blog, you must go there, now!

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