Monday, August 10, 2009

First. . .and second "official"days of work. . .

I wanted to post last night, but was too tired. I am too tired today, too, but took in a lot that I want to share with you.

First, "the bulletin board" was finished last week, and I will get a picture posted tonight or sometime, soon. Not that it's anything that you really want to see, but I like seeing other teacher's bulletin boards.

Now, to yesterday, my first "official" day. It was a great day, even with the surprise of finding out in the AFTERnoon that Meet the Teacher night was last night. It was okay, because I did have my room ready enough to greet parents and students, and only 2 of my 30 students stopped in. I was very glad to meet those two boys and their parents. One very adorable boy with Down Syndrome didn't want to leave my room.

The workshops that our school is offering this week are:
Crisis Response Team,
the computer program that we are using for Lesson Plans, Grade Book and other record keeping,
School Health Issues
Students in Poverty,
Autism Early Signs,
Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting,
Crystal Darkness (drug abuse awareness),
"Mrs. Martha Washington" historical presentation,
Understanding Tax Free Annuities

My Prayer today:

"O Lord, how majestic is Your name,
when I, in awesome wonder, consider all of heaven and earth, all of your wonderful creation, I just want to praise You!

Dear Lord, I repent of my sins and thank You for Your forgiveness.

I acknowledge that You are with me today, and will be with me in everything I do.

I pray for all of my new co-workers. I know that some of them have very personal things that they are going through. I just lift them up to You.

I pray for my students and their families, that You will relieve any apprehensions they have about school.

Dear Lord, I pray for myself that You will continue to help me in every thing that I do.
Please equip me to do this job You have called me to do.

In Your Name I Pray


  1. You are so right! I would love to see a picture of other teachers' bulletin boards. I think I should post some when I get them done too. Great idea!

  2. Visiting from Little Miss Sunshine...

    It takes a special heart to be a teacher. Love knowing we have Christians in this world that forming minds of young ones. especially in special education! Patting you on the back!

  3. I too would love to see the pictures!! We start back on Friday! I am enjoying my last few days! Sounds like some good trainings! I hope you get some good information from them! I can't wait to hear more about your adventure of this school year!! I think it's beautiful that you prayer for your colleagues and students! Your students are lucky to have YOU has their teacher!! When do the kiddos start? Wishing you the best luck and know you are in my prayers!!