Saturday, July 25, 2009


SIMPLY SUNFLOWERS,K-2, Lasting lessons Mini-Fun Themes
Reinforces Reading First Components

I bought this little book a year or two ago, and haven't used it, yet, but it seems perfect for this year.
I will be teaching special needs children, 4 years old through 3rd grade, in a nice school, in a small town in Oklahoma.
Now, I have just about gone crazy buying everything Sunflower that I can find to add to the decor of my room.
The Teacher store that was suppose to be open til 3 today was closed when I stopped by at 2. So, I drove on down the road, and stopped at an Antique store that had some really great things to decorate with.

This theme isn't just to decorate my room.

I am going to emphasize the fact that The head of the Sunflower turns to face toward the sun throughout the day. . .students should turn to face toward the person speaking throughout the day!
Also, I want to try to help my students' self concepts and positive attitudes, by telling them to stand proud like the Sunflowers.

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