Friday, July 31, 2009

BULLETIN BOARD, step #2, and the whole room

step #2-Put the background material and border on.

The material that I bought at the Antique Store, just hoping it would maybe fit. . .
did fit the bulletin board perfectly! It is gray, not usually the color I would pick, but I think it is going to work great for the background to look like the sky, and to be a calming background.

I am really having fun getting the room ready. . .trying to make it a pleasant learning environment for the students and for others to step into.

I bought a soft brown chair cushion, tied it onto a yellow chair, for my chair at the circle time area. (think Sunflower)

I think it's really neat that I just happened to decide on the Sunflower theme, and it seems that someone has chosen that for the whole building decorating theme also!

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