Thursday, December 31, 2009

"New Goals for the Classroom" Or "It will be there on Monday."

I just have about 5 minutes or less to type these 2 posts into 1, so. . .I know it won't be great, but wanted to go ahead and get some of these thoughts out.

I already "failed" at the goal of going to work in my classroom yesterday or today, but
. . .that's because I chose to stay with my kids and be "Mom" every minute I could, instead. So, that's the reason for the thought in my head, "It will be there on Monday." Of course, I would like for it to be cleaner, more organized on Monday,
but oh well. . .it will get there.

I did buy shiny new folders for all of my students and 2 new folder holders for me. . .
I thought they might work as Teacher's Guide holders, but they didn't,
but oh well. . .I'll still use them to help me be more organized, somehow!

I bought lined post-it notes to use to write notes to the aides who work with the students.

I bought the stuff to stick more words up on the word wall, and more things on other walls.

I bought new dry erase markers.

I need to make a goal to not buy things for my classroom.

Gotta get off here, now. . .
to go be "Mom"!

Happy 2010!



  1. I love the start of a new semester-What great organizing you did!

  2. I just started reading your blog. I am a teacher for preschoolers with learning differences and this is my first year teaching. It's good to see you can be both a wonderful teacher and mommy! Kudos!