Friday, February 3, 2012

I Love My Job!

I really need to find time to blog here regularly and on my scripture blog, too. I also am working at making time to take pictures of the precious children that are my students and their adorable art work.
At 48, I have finally found my "calling". I always knew I was called to be a teacher, a special ed. teacher, and always considered it a ministry, but never was a success at meeting all of those special needs at once. Now, I am blessed to teach 3 year olds-turning 4, about Jesus, God, lots of amazing Bible stories and songs, the letters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, manners. . .the most important thing that they can all quote to you and do very often. . ."Be Kind to One Another. . ."Ephesians 4:32.
I have a class of a lot of special needs and growing children. I am so blessed to be their first teacher.